VizMic™ - a colored, loadable microsphere visible by X-Ray and/or MRI

VizMic™ offers two advantages:

  • VizMic™ is visible, radiopaque and optionally paramagnetic allowing a good monitoring of the injection, the occlusion process and the follow-up of the procedure.
  • VizMic™ is loadable with various drugs (anti-cancer, anti-angiogenic agents, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain-killers, ...) to provide a local drug delivery.

VizMic™ is intended for:

  • Direct visualization of the embolic material during embolotherapy and assessment of the beads distribution in the targeted and non-targeted organs.
  • Embolization of benign tumors such as uterine fibroids. VizMic™ insures an ischemia of uterine fibroids, leading to their necrosis.
  • Embolization of bleedings (hemostasis). At an early stage, VizMic™ stops the flow of the bleeding vessels during the time needed for hemostasis and tissue repair.
  • Chemo-embolization of malignant hypervascular tumors of liver (HCC, CRC liver metastasis) or other organs. VizMic™ is loaded with an anti-cancer agent just before the treatment. VizMic™ acts in two steps: (1) it blocks the tumor feeding arterioles and provokes an ischemia-induced necrosis, (2) the anti-cancer drug releases from VizMic™ to complete tumor necrosis and prevent tumor regrowth.


VizMic™ is easy to use: 

  • Spherical and calibrated to target the occlusion level from proximal to distal vessels.
  • Available size ranges: 50-150 µm, 100-300 µm, 300-500 µm, 500-700 µm, 700-900 µm and 900-1200 µm.
  • Preparation is quick and easy: VizMic™ is supplied in non-pyrogenic sterile solution.
  • VizMic™ is easily mixed in contrast media.
  • Easy to inject in microcatheters without risk of blockade.


VizMic™ is loadable with different drugs for a sustained release:

  • Loading in 30 min at room temperature with doxorubicin (37.5 mg Dox/mL beads).
  • Sustained controlled release in vitro for several days (ie doxorubicin).
  • Release is tunable according to the content of drug binding monomer.