DrugMic™ - a drug delivery system, resorbable, loadable or pre loaded


  • DrugMic is a new Drug Delivery System for Local treatment of pain and inflammation & prevention of infection
  • DrugMic is based on Occlugel’s proprietary Technology on PEG degradable biomaterials
  • Drugs delivery
    • is controlled in terms of rate of elution rate and duration of elution
    • is 100% achieved at complete resorbtion time of the delivery system
  • Loading and elution are Validated for three drug types
    • anti-inflammatory drug
    • opioid analgesic drug
    • anti-microbial agent
  • Interest : New galenic presentation for generics

Chlorhexidine was loaded on microspheres with different degradation time. The release of chlorhexidine is controlled by the degradation of the microsphere. In vitro results, unpublished data.