Occlugel will be at GEST 2023. ResMic, our degradable microsphere for embolisation will be present on friday 1-2:30 PM Session XI: Masterclass Particles, Resorbables, & Visible.



Occlugel Innovative solutions

Occlugel is a biotechnology company founded in 2007 by expert clinicians in embolization and chemists specialized in microspheres synthesis and biodegradable polymers.

Occlugel is specialized in innovative implantable medical devices in application fields such as:

  • Embolization and chemoembolization,
  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Wound healing, wrinkles, ...

Occlugel holds several patents about a novel resorbable biomaterial and its loading with various agents (anticancer drugs, antiangiogenic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, growth factors, nucleic acids, pain-killers...)

Occlugel imagine innovative solutions for novel biodegradable and non-degradable polymers.

Occlugel has:

  • a special know-how to manufacture by different methods novel polymers in microspheres calibrated ,   
  • a great expertise in the development of novel biodegradable polymers to improve their biocompatibility and to control their degradation rate,
    •  Products
      • ResMic®, a resorbable microsphere, loadable, 100% synthetic, calibrated in different sizes. Worldwilde license given to an important US medical device group.
      • DrugMic™, a drug delivery system, resorbable, loadable or pre-loaded for different indications
      • ArtMic™, a resorbable drug delivery system for anti-inflammatory drugs in Osteoarthritis


Our News - Last publications

Bédouet, L., Verret, V., Louguet, S., Servais, E., Pascale, F., Beilvert, A., Baylatry, MT., Labarre, D., Moine, L., Laurent, A 2015.Anti-angiogenic drug delivery from hydrophilic resorbable embolization microspheres: an in vitro study with sunitinib and bevacizumab. Int. J. Pharm. 484, 218-227.

Bédouet, L., Pascale, F., Bonneau, M., Laurent, A. 2015. In vitro evaluation of S-(+)-ibuprofen as drug candidate for intra-articular drug delivery system. Drug. Dev. Ind. Pharm. 41, 85-94.

Verret, V., Pelage, J.P., Wassef, M., Louguet, S., Servais, E., Bédouet, L., Beaulieu, T., Moine, L., Laurent, A. 2014. A novel resorbable embolization microsphere for transient uterine arteries occlusion: a comparative study with trisacryl-gelatin microspheres in the sheep model. J. Vasc. Interv. Radiol. 25, 1759-1766.