Occlugel will be at MSK GEST 2024, in Paris, January 26th-27th. ResMic, our degradable microsphere for embolisation, will be present on friday 1:45-3:30 PM 

Embolics for MSK Embolization : MASTERCLASS



Who are we?

Occlugel is a pioneer in the field of degradable polymeric biomaterials offering targeted, minimally invasive therapeutic solutions for a wide range of medical procedures.

The company was founded in 2007 by expert clinicians and chemists. We hold 6 worldwide patents and a unique know-how in the conception, manufacturing and development of novel biodegradable polymers. We work in a dynamic economic and medical network with the best experts in the field.

What we do

Microspheres for better targeted and better controlled treatments

Occlugel’s microspheres are composed of a biocompatible polymer that degrades in a short and controlled time. Completely eliminated by natural hydrolysis, they do not leave any residues nor cause inflammation.

They can be used bland or loaded with active ingredients with various pharmaceutical agents (anticancer drugs, antiangiogenic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, growth factors, nucleic acids, pain-killer). The aim is to provide a targeted action in order to deliver a treatment over a defined period of time in a single injection.

Several applications of our materials are under development, including :

  • embolization for the minimally-invasive treatment of tumors such as uterine fibroids, prostate adenoma or liver cancer,
  • pain management during and after surgical procedures for both human and pet patient populations,
  • dermal applications such as wound healing or wrinkle treatment.